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Darlene Trevino, Esq.

Trevino, Esq.Owner, CEO

Darlene Trevino

Darlene Trevino is the founding attorney of Trevino Law Firm. Her unwavering dedication to securing victories for her clients has propelled the firm’s rapid growth, positioning it as one of the fastest-growing personal injury practices in California. With a track record of settling claims exceeding $30,000,000.00 since its establishment, Darlene’s profound understanding of legal intricacies, honed through years of experience as an insurance claims adjuster, ensures optimal outcomes for her clients.
At Trevino Law Firm, every individual is esteemed to the highest level of respect and dignity, reflecting Darlene’s deeply ingrained values. This ethos not only drives her professional success but also enriches her personal life. Darlene’s expertise and unwavering passion are dedicated to assisting injured victims, safeguarding their rights against insurance complexities. Recognizing the unique circumstances of each case, Darlene and her team ensure that every client receives personalized attention and advocacy, acknowledging the distinctiveness of their situation.

Darlene’s commitment to justice transcends her legal practice, permeating throughout her everyday life. Through her leadership roles, including Vice President of the Antelope Valley Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and President/Vice President of the National TEAM Referral Network, she actively contributes to community initiatives. Her philanthropic endeavors extend to collaborating with local nonprofits, supporting causes that benefit youth and veteran communities including Vets 4 Veterans, Beauty for Ashes International, and Business Women of God. Moreover, Darlene’s dedication to education is evident through scholarships awarded to local high school students and her volunteer efforts in the Antelope Valley School District Mock Trial program. Her passion for fostering success extends to mentoring local business owners, exemplifying her commitment to community upliftment.

When not engaged in advocating for her clients’ rights and fair compensation, Darlene finds solace in cherished moments with her family. Whether it’s enjoying leisurely activities such as watching movies, playing board games, or enthusiastically supporting her children in little league baseball and softball, her commitment to her family is unwavering. Additionally, her spiritual devotion is reflected in her attendance at Sunday services, underscoring the multifaceted nature of her life and values.