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Palmdale Personal Injury Lawyer / Palmdale Tractor-Trailer Jackknife Accident Lawyer

Palmdale Tractor-Trailer Jackknife Accident Lawyer

Tractor-trailer jackknife accidents are among the most catastrophic types of road incidents that can happen, often causing severe injuries and property damage to multiple vehicles in one crash. The complex nature of these accidents demands a legal professional who can both understand the intricacies involved and advocate effectively for victims. Trevino Law Firm is an excellent choice to represent victims of truck accidents in the Antelope Valley. Attorney Darlene Trevino takes a compassionate and empathetic approach to each case, ensuring that her clients are treated like people, not just numbers on a case file. With the capability to serve both the English-speaking and Spanish-speaking communities of Palmdale, Trevino Law Firm is your ideal partner for navigating the complexities of insurance claims after a collision with an 18-wheeler. We strive to make sure your needs are being met as we work to get excellent results on your claim. Contact our dedicated Palmdale tractor-trailer jackknife accident lawyer today.

What Is a Jackknife Truck Accident?

A tractor-trailer jackknife accident occurs when the tractor (the front part of the truck) and its trailer (the cargo section) fold onto each other at an acute angle, resembling a folding pocket knife. This usually happens when the driver loses control of the vehicle, often due to factors like poor weather conditions, sudden braking, or mechanical failure. The wheels on the cab might lock up, but the trailer keeps moving, swinging out to the side and continuing forward until the tractor and trailer are in a v-shape with respect to one another. All the cars in the path of the out-of-control trailer are in danger of being violently struck during this incident.

Common Causes of Tractor-Trailer Jackknife Accidents

Understanding the underlying causes of these accidents can aid in determining liability. Common causes include:

  • Speeding
  • Sudden Braking
  • Slippery Roads
  • Driver Fatigue
  • Equipment Malfunction

Navigating the legal complexities of tractor-trailer jackknife accidents is not straightforward. Various parties could be liable—from the truck driver to the manufacturer of the vehicle or its parts. Even if the truck is operating in good condition, a trucker encountering wet roads and requiring a sudden stop has to quickly choose between one of three different methods of braking. Choosing the wrong approach can send the big rig into a jackknife truck accident. In other cases, negligent maintenance on the part of the trucking company could be responsible for bad or missing brake components that result in a crash. An experienced trucking accident personal injury lawyer can help in accurately identifying the responsible parties and seeking adequate compensation.

Why Choose Trevino Law Firm After a Jackknife Truck Accident in Palmdale

  • Personalized Attention – Unlike big personal injury firms where you’re just another case number, Trevino Law Firm gives individual attention to each client and case. Darlene Trevino works diligently with attorneys and insurance companies on the other side to resolve the case effectively and achieve good results for her clients.
  • Bilingual Capabilities – Serving both English-speaking and Spanish-speaking communities, the firm offers a wider reach to effectively communicate with clients and provide them with the legal assistance they need in their language of choice, ensuring effective communication and enhancing client satisfaction.
  • Proven Track Record – With a focus on achieving favorable outcomes, Darlene Trevino brings a wealth of experience in resolving personal injury cases involving tractor-trailers, including cases where multiple lines of insurance and other complex factors might apply.

Contact Trevino Law Firm Today

Tractor-trailer jackknife accidents can be life-altering events that bring on physical, emotional, and financial stress. When involved in such an accident, you need a legal representative who can navigate the complex legal landscape and fight for your rights. Trevino Law Firm offers exactly that level of expertise and personalized care. Contact us today at 661-526-5012 for a free consultation to discuss your case and find out how we can assist you during this difficult time.