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Category Archives: Slip Fall


Think Your Favorite Mall in Palmdale is a Safe Place to Walk? Learn About the Top Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents for a Safer Shopping Experience

By Trevino Law Firm |

Palmdale shoppers probably do not spend a lot of their time thinking about and dwelling on the hazards they might encounter in their favorite retail mall or shopping center. Indeed, when we go to the mall, we often go to relax and have fun, buy some new products, and maybe check out the food… Read More »

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Curious about Where to Get Started with Your Palmdale Slip and Fall Case? Here’s What You Need to Know

By Trevino Law Firm |

There is no doubt that slip and fall accidents can severely injure a person to the point that they may be hospitalized and suffer long-term or even permanent injury or disability. Indeed, slip and fall accidents can and do happen when negligent property and business property owners fail to maintain safe premises, and another… Read More »

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California Court Upholds $329,000 Slip-and-Fall Verdict Against Rite-Aid

By Trevino Law Firm |

In California, a business can be held liable for slip and fall accidents caused by a dangerous condition on the premises. To be clear, a business is not automatically responsible for every accident that may occur. Rather, the law requires proof that the business owner had “actual or constructive” notice of the dangerous condition… Read More »

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