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Category Archives: Motorcycle Accident


Think it’s Safe to Hit the Road on Your Motorcycle in Palmdale? Read These Important Motorcycle Safety Statistics

By Trevino Law Firm |

As summer temperatures heat up and the sun is shining, motorcycle riders and motorcycle enthusiasts all over Palmdale and throughout California are dusting off their helmets and getting ready for a ride. Indeed, motorcycle riding is not just a fun leisure activity for many Palmdale motorcycle enthusiasts, but also a more eco-friendly, more convenient… Read More »

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Three Things You May Not Have Known about Motorcycle Accidents in California

By Trevino Law Firm |

In Palmdale, and throughout the rest of the country, motorcycle riders gear up to hit the open road, adventure across the highways, and to simply commute to work. Motorcycle riding is a popular pastime for many Palmdale residents, and sometimes it is even a family affair. However, there is no question that motorcycle riding… Read More »

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