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Think it’s Safe to Hit the Road on Your Motorcycle in Palmdale? Read These Important Motorcycle Safety Statistics


As summer temperatures heat up and the sun is shining, motorcycle riders and motorcycle enthusiasts all over Palmdale and throughout California are dusting off their helmets and getting ready for a ride. Indeed, motorcycle riding is not just a fun leisure activity for many Palmdale motorcycle enthusiasts, but also a more eco-friendly, more convenient and easy way to get errands and chores done, and even a fun way to commute to work. However, virtually all Palmdale motorcycle riders and enthusiasts have also probably heard at some point that motorcycle riding can be very dangerous, and can even lead to fatal motorcycle accidents. But how dangerous is motorcycle riding really, in 2024? To help Palmdale motorcycle riders and motorcycle enthusiasts better understand motorcycle safety in 2024, we provide several important safety statistics here.

Motorcycle Fatality Statistics: Numbers of Accidents and Accident Causes

According to Forbes Advisor, a whopping total of 5,932 motorcyclists were killed in motorcycle accidents in the year 2021. That year – the year for which we have the most recent data – was an exceptionally high year for motorcycle deaths (the highest since 1975), but it is clear that they are not letting up. Indeed, motorcycle riders account for a total of 14% of all traffic-related deaths, even though motorcycles only account for 3% of registered vehicles in the country. Motorcycle accidents are also disproportionate to the number of registered motorcycles, with 17% of all fatal motor vehicle accidents being attributed to motorcycle accidents.

What contributes to motorcycle deaths in Palmdale? The statistics do not lie. A total of 2,251 motorcycle-related fatalities occurred when motorcycle riders were not wearing a helmet. 34% of motorcycle fatalities involved speeding. In addition, 27% of fatal motorcycle accidents involved the use of alcohol. These three factors – wearing a helmet, not speeding, and not using drugs or alcohol while driving – can help increase a person’s safety while riding a motorcycle. However, motorcycle riders must also be very cautious for other drivers on the road.

Legal Help for Victims of Negligent or Drunk Driving Motorcycle Accidents in Palmdale

No person should ever have to go through the hurt and pain of a motorcycle accident that was not their fault. However, the truth is that motorcycle accidents – including fatal ones – happen in the thousands in the United States every year. If you or a loved one were injured in a serious motorcycle accident in Palmdale and you need legal assistance with your Palmdale motorcycle accident claim, it is important to speak to an experienced Palmdale motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible about your rights and options. The Trevino Law Firm helps Palmdale motorcycle accident victims and their loved ones get justice due under California laws. Do not hesitate to speak to a lawyer about your case today, as there is a limited time to file your claim under California laws. Contact the experienced Palmdale motorcycle accident lawyers at the Trevino Law Firm today and speak to an experienced lawyer about your case now.



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