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Palmdale Personal Injury Lawyer / Blog / Truck Accident / Contingency Fee, Flat Fee, Retainer, and Costs: What does It All Mean in a Palmdale Truck Accident Case?

Contingency Fee, Flat Fee, Retainer, and Costs: What does It All Mean in a Palmdale Truck Accident Case?


When a Palmdale resident is injured in a truck accident due to the fault of a negligent truck driver, it can be a difficult and confusing time. Between paying medical bills and healing from serious injuries, figuring out work, taking care of kids and dealing with house payments or rent, thinking about initiating a personal injury lawsuit may take the backburner. However, there are good reasons to start a personal injury truck accident case in Palmdale as soon as possible after a serious and negligent truck accident occurs, so it is best not to delay in seeking out legal help and initiating a lawsuit for compensation.

One of the major issues that Palmdale truck accident victims have concerns about when it comes to bringing a truck accident lawsuit for compensation is how much it will cost to hire a Palmdale personal injury lawyer who handles truck accident cases. Palmdale truck accident victims may also be confused about the legal jargon that is embedded in many lawyer fee agreements, or that they have heard on T.V. or from friends. To help Palmdale truck accident victims better understand the way that lawyer fee agreements work, and where to turn to find a lawyer that does not charge fees or costs out-of-pocket, we provide guidance about lawyer fee agreements in Palmdale truck accident cases here.

Helpful Terms to Know when it Comes to Lawyer Fee Agreements

Here are several legal terms that a Palmdale truck accident victim may encounter when searching for a Palmdale truck accident lawyer:

Attorneys’ Fees: These are the fees that a Palmdale truck accident victim would pay or owe a lawyer for their representation in the case.

  • Costs: Costs are separate from fees, and include things like court fees, postage, research costs, deposition costs, copies, and other costs necessary to litigate the case.
  • Retainer: Many Palmdale residents may believe that a “retainer” means a sum of money that is paid in advance of a lawyer’s services to “retain” a lawyer. While this is one meaning of “retainer”, the term also refers to the fee agreement document that is drafted and signed by both the lawyer and the client to engage in legal services. The retainer details the claims, fee agreement, and other important details in the case.
  • Flat-Fee: A flat-fee agreement is one in which the lawyer agrees to represent the client in their legal matter for a lump-sum flat amount.
  • Hourly Fee: An hourly-fee agreement is one in which the lawyer charges the client a certain sum by the hour for the lawyer’s legal services.
  • Contingency fee: Under a contingency-fee agreement, lawyers agree to represent their clients without any money paid up front or out of pocket, and only gets paid if the client settles or wins their case. Typically, the lawyer will get their fees and costs off of the top of the settlement or award amount, if the client is successful with their case.

Finding a Lawyer for Your Palmdale Truck Accident Case

If you are seeking legal help for your truck accident case in Palmdale, contact the experienced Palmdale truck accident lawyers at the Trevino Law Firm. They offer a free and confidential consultation and they work on a contingency-fee basis, meaning that they only get paid if you settle or win your case. Do not hesitate to speak with a lawyer about your rights and options. Call the Trevino Law Firm today.

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