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2023 Report Shows Risks to Pedestrians – Pedestrian Deaths on the Rise in the United States


Over the past months, an alarming trend has been displayed on social media news feeds, television newscasts, and the good old-fashioned newspaper: pedestrian-related accidental deaths. While pedestrian deaths are not often the topic of robust conversations about traffic safety, it is apparent that the issue requires a closer look to prevent senseless and needless pedestrian deaths. Indeed, pedestrian deaths, like the one that has gone viral that occurred in December in Victorville, California, and claimed one female pedestrian’s life, can and should be prevented. To help Palmdale pedestrians and drivers alike better understand just how dangerous America’s roads are for those that traverse them by walking, we provide some alarming statistics here.

Pedestrian Deaths in the United States – The Statistics

A data point that can be said to be particularly telling of the dangerous situation pedestrians face while walking the streets of America is the number of pedestrian deaths versus deaths due to other traffic accidents. According to U.S. News, the numbers are frightening: non-pedestrian “other” traffic-related accidents are actually on the decline in the United States, at a rate of 25%, however, meanwhile, pedestrian fatalities have increased over the past twelve years. U.S. News also reported, from a study taken by the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), that the time of day may contribute to more pedestrian deaths. According to the numbers, in 2021, 77% of pedestrian fatalities occurred after sundown, when it was dark. In addition, the GHSA study revealed that the number one type of vehicle that contributes to pedestrian deaths is the regular passenger car. However, the GHSA found, pedestrian fatalities involving SUVs increased at a more rapid pace.

In addition to time of day, place of walking also impacted the numbers on pedestrian fatalities. Approximately 69% of pedestrian deaths occurred in areas where there were no sidewalks. According to the U.S. News report, sidewalks may be critical to preventing pedestrian deaths because “[s]idewalks can protect people by separating them from vehicle traffic, but other infrastructure designs such as raised crosswalks and traffic calming devices that slow vehicles down, can provide even more protection”, according to the GHSA.

Justice for Pedestrians Injured by Negligent Drivers

Pedestrians who have been injured by negligent drivers in Palmdale should not only seek medical treatment immediately, but should also learn about their rights and options under California personal injury laws. Under California personal injury laws, Palmdale pedestrians who have been injured by a negligent driver may be entitled to money compensation for their injuries. In order to determine whether you may have a claim for compensation under California personal injury laws in Palmdale, it is best to speak with an experienced Palmdale car accident lawyer as soon as possible.

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