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“Careless Driving” Claims Life of California Man, Driver Cited for Motor Vehicle Homicide


Most Palmdale drivers are well aware of the dangers of getting behind the wheel after having too many alcoholic drinks. Indeed, drunk driving is well-known as a leading cause of motor vehicle deaths, and is a senseless and needless thing to do, especially with Ubers, Lyfts, and designated drivers ever more at our fingertips. However, many Palmdale drivers may not be aware that careless driving can happen for any reason, even if a driver is completely sober. Careless drivers can cause catastrophic car accidents on Palmdale roads, due to lack of paying attention, eating while driving, checking text messages, or carrying on heated conversations. Such an accident, unfortunately, occurred this week in Elm Creek, California, and a life was lost due to the careless actions of a driver that drove way below the acceptable standard of care. To help Palmdale drivers better understand how careless driving can lead to serious and fatal car accidents, and what to do if you are injured by a careless driver, we discuss the recent news story here.

28-Year-Old California Woman Charged with Careless Driving and Vehicle Homicide

According to local news reports, KGFW News, on the afternoon of Wednesday, June 12, a 28-year-old woman from Sacramento caused a car accident that killed the passenger that she was transporting. Mary Rasooli was driving between Elm Creek and Overton in Elm Creek, California, when she failed to slow down for stopped traffic due to an earlier car accident. Ms. Rasooli struck the rear-end of a semi-truck trailer with her Subaru, and the passenger of the Subaru, 54-year-old Masood Rasooli, was ejected from the vehicle. Mr. Rasooli was, unfortunately, pronounced dead at the scene of the accident from his injuries, and Ms. Rasooli was transported to the hospital for medical treatment. Fortunately, the occupants of the semi-truck were not injured in the accident. Although reports are sparse on the details as to how the fatal car accident exactly occurred, it is clear that Ms. Rasooli rear-ended the semi-truck trailer as a result of failing to stop for the slowed traffic on the road. Ms. Rasooli was, ultimately, charged with criminal charges of careless driving and motor vehicle homicide.” The investigation is ongoing.

Legal Justice for Palmdale Car Accident Victims

When a person is injured in a car accident in Palmdale due to another driver’s drunk, careless, or negligent driving, they may have rights and options to compensation under California personal injury laws. Under California personal injury laws, victims of negligent or drunk driving car accidents may be entitled to money compensation for things like lost wages, property damage, pain and suffering, and more. In order to determine whether you may have a case for compensation in Palmdale due to your car accident injuries, it is best to speak with an experienced Palmdale car accident lawyer as soon as possible about your case.

The experienced Palmdale car accident lawyers at the Trevino Law Firm are here to help Palmdale drivers get justice due for their injuries and losses caused by negligent and careless drivers. Call the Trevino Law Firm today and speak to a lawyer about your case now.



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