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Insurance Company Weighs-in On Top 5 Causes of Truck Accidents


Most Palmdale residents are likely aware of the clear-and-present dangers that semi-trucks and 18-wheeler commercial trucks pose when they share the road with smaller vehicles, motorcycles, and bicycles. Indeed, there is no doubt that the impact of a semi-truck colliding with a smaller vehicle, even an SUV, can be catastrophic, leading to a serious accident, or even death. However, Palmdale residents may not be as familiar with the common reasons that truck accidents happen in Palmdale and throughout the United States. To help Palmdale residents and drivers better understand the dangers of driving with and around semi-trucks and 18-wheeler commercial trucks on the road, we share the top five factors that contribute to truck accidents in the U.S., according to EMC Insurance.

Top Truck Accident Cause #1: Driver Error

EMC Insurance Risk Improvement Specialist Harold White compiled research from his own experiences as a truck driver with several governmental reports and insurance organization studies to figure out the top 5 causes of semi-truck accidents in America. The first top cause that White found is error on the part of the truck driver. According to EMC and White, “driver error is 10 times more likely to be the cause of a crash than any other factor….”

Top Truck Accident Cause #2: Driver Training

According to EMC and White, lack of adequate driver training is also a major contributing factor to semi-truck and 18-wheeler commercial truck accidents. EMC and White project that over the next 30 years, commercial trucks will transport 40% more freight across America than is transported now, which may lead trucking companies to hire less experienced drivers. It is important for these drivers to be properly trained to safely drive and operate a commercial truck.

Top Truck Accident Cause #3: Equipment Failure

EMC and White report that an Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Fatal Causation Study revealed that there was at least one mechanical failure present in the involved truck in 55% of all truck accidents that resulted in injury. Accordingly, failure of the truck to operate properly is a major contributing factor to truck accidents.

Top Truck Accident Cause #4: Company Priorities

Sometimes “…an organization’s commitment to meeting client delivery deadlines leads to unrealistic schedules, improper loading, driver fatigue and stress. The result is a greater likelihood of an accident.” EMC and White believe, accordingly, that companies may not always prioritize safety over profit, which may lead to dangerous truck accidents.

Top Truck Accident Cause #5: Substance Abuse

Finally, the use of drugs and alcohol, and driving while intoxicated is a top contributing factor to truck accidents. Simply put, alcohol and drugs and truck driving just do not mix.

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