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Ohio Roadway Truck Explosion Highlights Dangers to Drivers of Hazmat Trucks on the Road


A semi-truck accident in Akron, Ohio this week has sparked the conversation about the dangers of commercial truck explosions and, accordingly, the dangers of commercial trucks hauling hazardous materials on the road with other vehicles. According to local news reports, on the morning of Monday, February 5 a semi-truck rammed into an embankment on Ohio’s Interstate 76 near Wooster Road in Akron. The collision with the embankment caused the semi-truck to explode in a fiery burst of flames. Fortunately, no one has been reported as injured in the semi-truck blast, and the driver was able to escape the vehicle safely by the time first responders arrived on the scene. The accident is said to have occurred around 10:40 a.m., and lasted until around noon. The dangerous and frightening incident is a stark reminder that semi-trucks, especially those hailing combustible materials, can be very dangerous when they are on the road, even if they are only involved in single-truck accidents.

5 Dangers that Commercial Hazmat Trucks Present to Truck Drivers and Other Motorists Alike

According to Tank Transport online, there are five specific dangers that hazmat trucks present to the health and safety of truck drivers and other motorists on the road. These five risks include:

  • Fire: According to Tank Transport, when a commercial truck hauls flammable materials, it can create a risk of the materials igniting, causing a serious fire. This is very clearly a danger to anyone around the vicinity of the truck when it catches fire;
  • Explosions: In addition, if a truck is hauling unstable or caustic materials, and those sensitive materials combust, there could be a truck explosion. Truck explosions may have a large blast radius and can cause severe injuries to anyone in the blast area;
  • Chemical Burns: According to Tank Transport, if a person comes into contact with materials that are corrosive, they may be at risk of developing chemical burns. Therefore, if a truck leaks corrosive material as a result of an accident, the situation can be very dangerous for those on the road;
  • Radiation: Commercial hazmat trucks might also be carrying radioactive material. Of course, exposure to radioactive materials is extremely dangerous;
  • Poison: Finally, commercial hazmat trucks may be hauling poisonous materials. Poisonous materials can harm humans, animals, and the environment.

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